Tackling Homelessness

Homeless childHomelessness is a blight on the lives of people who find themselves without a place to live. It is a major problem that sends out shockwaves across communities, generations and society as a whole.

According to the homelessness charity Shelter the number of households in Scotland accepted as homeless or potentially homeless has increased by 25 per cent since 2000-2001.

Research in 2008 by the New Economics Foundation indicated an annual cost to the state of £26,000 for each homeless person. Those who experience a period of homelessness are far more likely to need acute health services, go through the criminal justice system, stay in expensive temporary accommodation and have prolonged periods on welfare benefits.

However bald facts don’t do justice to the specific and lasting damage that homelessness causes, particularly to children. An estimated 1,200 children in Scotland were in families evicted from social housing in 2009-10, usually for rent arrears. This means that approximately three children a day lose their home due to eviction. Most damning of all, roughly sixty children a day become homeless somewhere in Scotland. That is enough to fill three primary one classes every day and is a total of 22,000 children a year. Nearly half of all homeless children (46 per cent) are under five years old.

Radical Changes

At the end of 2012 The Scottish Government passed legislation which aimed to effectively end homelessness in Scotland. This means that everyone in Scotland who is unintentionally homeless now has the right to permanent accommodation.

At the Caledonian Foundation we can play a key role in fulfilling this commitment. We believe our home ownership model will help to prevent homelessness occurring in the first place, by helping to address its root causes.

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