Providing Community Facilities

Village and roadThe Caledonian Foundation is committed to providing homes where people can thrive. However housing developments on their own are not the answer unless they provide spaces in which people can live fulfilled, healthy and sociable lives.  

We believe that the process of making safe places to live does not begin and end at people’s front doors. We know that thriving communities are just as important to achieving all of our aims. Scotland has been scarred with many housing projects which failed to provide homes where families could bring up children and individuals to reach their full potential. People don’t just live in homes, they live in villages, streets, towns and cities. Quality housing stock is just one ingredient in making communities that people want to live in.

Examples of how MEHO can be put to work to create community facilities include:

  • Renovating a historic building to provide units for social enterprises. 
  • Investing in a community centre, or shops to make sure that the homes we build, refurbish and buy have access to the amenities that they need.
  • Providing capital for services that would benefit a community, such as a youth hostel or a food coop.

Essentially the Caledonian Foundation wants to help communities thrive by unlocking capital for investment in housing and local facilities. Therefore the development of a particular project is entirely in the hands of the board that sets it up. The Caledonian Foundation will facilitate this process so that all manner of places, from remote villages, to urban housing estates will have the opportunity to undertake sustainable regeneration and development on their own terms. 

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