Caledonian Foundation website launches

Welcome to the new online home of the Caledonian Foundation. We’re delighted to announce the launch of this new website, setting out the vision that we have for making housing work for ordinary people once again. is an online space where we want people to engage with our ideas and join in a new conversation about the future of the housing and how it is provided in this country.

You can do this by leaving comments on our community pages, following us on Twitter, or liking us on Facebook. We’d also hope that the strength of our case will lead you to make a donation to fund our on-going work.

Commenting on the launch of this site, Chairman of the Caledonian Foundation Douglas Turner said:

“This launch marks a very exciting stage in the development of our organisation, and it reflects the fresh new ideas that we are proposing”.

“As we talk to increasing numbers of people about MEHO we’re coming to understand just how important our work will be over the coming years, especially given changes government policy such as the infamous ‘bedroom tax’”.

We’re only as strong as the people and communities that we engage with. Like all of our work, we want this site to change and develop according to the needs of everyone who shares our vision of a better way of making homes for people.

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The Caledonian Foundation is a registered charity in Scotland
Scottish Charity no. SC042872.
2 Lower Gilmore Place

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