Engaging Discussions at So Say Scotland

So Say Scotland’s Citizen’s Assembly was a great opportunity to engage in discussions about the future of our country. I met people who have strong views about what society should be and how it should work and others who, like the Caledonian Foundation, are already working towards an inclusive and inspiring national community.

Attendees at So Say Scotland Meeting
The aim of the Assembly was to bring people from all walks of life together to create a cohesive vision for Scotland’s future through a structured process of participative discussion. It was a chance to share ideas, to listen to, support and challenge the views of others and to use this to create a collective vision for the future. The contribution of every individual was valued and contributed towards the final vision, of which we shared ownership and responsibility. So Say Scotland brought together people who wish to create a better future for everyone in Scotland; they gave us the means and the support to work towards this together.

The Caledonian Foundation shares the principles of inspiring collective action and decentralising power. We are pioneering a Micro-Equity Home Ownership (MEHO) model that supports Land Trusts to provide debt-free, affordable housing to those who need it most. 

MEHO empowers communities by providing the means and support to meet the needs they are experiencing. This makes decision-making a local and collaborative practice which reduces dependence on councils, government and charities. It allows everyone to take action to build a better future for their community and their country.

MEHO not only makes a difference in the present; the project is sustainable in the long term and inspires individuals and communities to develop. Tenants in a MEHO property pay an affordable rent and have the ability to buy their home, one share at a time, on their terms. The gradual transferral of ownership assists them in taking responsibility for their home and their future; by removing the stresses of debts, deposits and uncertain leases, tenants are empowered to become active citizens. 

Because each Land Trust is set up as a Social Enterprise, the proceeds and assets are secured for the benefit of the community; this can be used to create further housing or new facilities to develop a strong, self-sufficient community.

Given that visions from the Citizen’s Assembly highlighted inclusion, empowerment and equality as key themes for Scotland’s future, we at the Caledonian Foundation believe that MEHO can start to make this vision a reality.


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