Caledonian Foundation Announces Fundraising Success

Richard Lo, Pei Jun Toon, Mei Xuan Lye and Wing Cheong Wong at Edinburgh MarathonWe're delighted to announce that our friends Pei Jun Toon and Mei Xuan Lye, ran the Edinburgh 10k on a glorious spring day in Scotland's capital. 

The pair successfully raised £815 which will go towards the creation of the first Micro Equity Home Ownership unit. 

Pei Jun and Mei explained their motivation for taking part in the race:

"We believe that shelter is an essential need in life.

As international students, we understand the importance of having a safe and secure home.

God has blessed us with both an eternal and physical home and so we hope to share His goodness to us with others."

Photo: Mr T. Seeto



Let’s co-operate to fight the bedroom tax

Bedroom tax protestPublished on Friday 12 April in The Scotsman

The article about “bedroom tax” (10 April) was a thoughtful, well-written piece and I would urge Alex Salmond and Johann Lamont to give careful consideration to Andrew Burn’s plea for the two main parties to work together to fight what is undoubtedly one of the most blatant examples of social engineering ever to be perpetrated by any UK Government.

It is also apposite, following the death of Margaret Thatcher, to consider the links between her policies and the impact they had on available housing stock which will have further significant pressure put upon it by this iniquitous policy.

The great irony about the bedroom tax is the fact that it is addressing a massive problem created by the policies of a Tory government now held up as a paragon by the British Right.

We now know Thatcher’s flagship “right to buy” policy resulted in a massive increase in the cost of housing benefit, funnelling billions of taxpayers’ money into the private rented sector, while social housing provision remains in a constant state of crisis.

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The bedroom tax: there is an alternative

BedroomThere’s a frayed argument that runs through this age of austerity and it has been crystalized by the bedroom tax. In Scotland it tends to get short shrift, but it’s ultimately about sorting the ‘deserving’ from the ‘underserving’ poor and separating the ‘strivers’ from the ‘skivers’. 

As the Tories revel in becoming the ‘nasty party’ once again, anyone with any life experience knows that these categories are not mutually exclusive, although this truth seems to be entirely lost by the current government. The idea that a disabled person is just as likely to make a contribution to their community as an able bodied person doesn’t crop up, or that an alienated young person might question the need to strive for a society that doesn’t seem to respect who they are or where they come from.

Some of us might be tempted to ask how much ‘striving’ the current front benches at Westminster have done to get where they are. Almost all of them hail from the most privileged of backgrounds – like that alienated young person who ends up out of work and disengaged – they’re simply doing what is expected of them.

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Caledonian Foundation Video

Here's a short film explaining what Micro Equity Home Ownership is and why we need it. 

Engaging Discussions at So Say Scotland

So Say Scotland’s Citizen’s Assembly was a great opportunity to engage in discussions about the future of our country. I met people who have strong views about what society should be and how it should work and others who, like the Caledonian Foundation, are already working towards an inclusive and inspiring national community.

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Sharing our vision

Micro Equity Home Ownership (MEHO) is a new concept that few people in Scotland will have come across before. Like many terms relating to financial or property markets, it might not make immediate sense to everyone who comes across it. 

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Caledonian Foundation website launches

Welcome to the new online home of the Caledonian Foundation. We’re delighted to announce the launch of this new website, setting out the vision that we have for making housing work for ordinary people once again.

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