Fighting Repossession

High rise flatsDue to changes to the benefits system and widespread unemployment many people are struggling to maintain safe and affordable places to live. Even for those in work maintaining a home can bring financial pressures that could lead to repossession. 

Recent research has shown that one in four households in Scotland are just one pay cheque away from losing their home. That’s the equivalent of 647,400 people.

One in four families with children now say that they would struggle to continue to pay their mortgage for more than a month if they were to lose their job. Factors such as the rising cost of living, government austerity and high energy bills are forcing substantial numbers of families to face the prospect of losing their home.

At the Caledonian Foundation we want to put an end to the distress associated with the high cost of mortgages and the threat of repossession. We know that our model can deliver a sustainable financial future for homeowners.

As an integral part of our projects we’ll be working with families facing such difficulties, effectively purchasing their house on their behalf and offering them the chance to buy it back one share at a time.

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