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We believe that the housing market needs to adopt radical new ways of working in order to meet the needs of Scottish society. Our framework for debt free home ownership will offer people from all walks of life the chance to take the first step towards creating sustainable and secure homes.

Micro Equity Home Ownership (MEHO) is a new method for providing debt free, affordable housing for people in need. It removes the burden of debt on the individual and creates a structure that allows people to build up ownership of their home by buying shares in it at a rate they can afford.


Through the promotion of this model The Caledonian Foundation aims to:

• Provide affordable housing for homeless people

• Help those threatened by repossession to retain their homes

• Provide individuals and families with the opportunity to own their own homes for the first time

• Create improved community facilities

Why Micro Equity Home Ownership?

Because this model allows families to gradually build up equity, the many problems associated with debt and high mortgage rates are removed. The model combines the best aspects of ‘shared equity’ and ‘shared ownership’ giving tenants the flexibility to buy their homes over a time period that suits their situation, while getting rid of the need for deposits or loans. This opens up the option of home ownership to those on low incomes or people who have difficulties in obtaining a loan.

Non-profit making rents and the ability to buy equity shares one at a time hands control back to the tenant allowing them to move from crisis to security. It benefits families, individuals and the housing stock as profits are re-invested in affordable housing. It is good for the wider economy and reduces the burden on the state.

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How we will make this happen

The Caledonian Foundation will create and support self-sustaining community initiatives throughout Scotland. We’ll partner with organisations, communities and local authorities to provide them with the structure and help they need to use Micro Equity Home Ownership to improve the housing stock in their area.

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 Here's a video about how MEHO works.

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