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There a widespread problem in providing affordable housing in many countries around the world due to various reasons: economic crisis, natural disaster, aftermath of war.

Even in western countries, more and more people are becoming homeless, living below poverty line or facing the daunting prospect of their home being repossessed.

For example, the following are some alarming figures for Belgium:

• Number of homeless people is more than 50.000; approximately 5000 are permanently living on the streets
• 14.6% of the population (and 35.5% of the single parent families) is living below the poverty line.
• During the first 2 months of 2012, 2108 Belgian families lost their homes through repossession

Our Micro Equity Home Ownership model provides a structure to encourage inward investment to fund development projects. As well as delivering the physical housing units, our model provides a holistic solution to rebuild a community by encouraging mutual ownership, home support and befriending,

There are many ways that you can get involved with the Caledonian Foundation. For example:

• You can help us identify the housing need in your community by researching and compiling the numbers of families who are homeless, below poverty-line or facing repossession. This will help us quantify the scale of development required for each locality.
• You can become an ambassador to help us adopt our model for your community and help us promote it to encourage local support.
• You can become an investor and support us financially to get the project in your community off the ground.

We are working with international agencies, universities and local business leaders to adapt MEHO for various countries. If you wish to see MEHO being implemented in your country to help provide affordable homes for your community, then please get in touch.

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