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"There is no place like home " Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz.

Maya Angelou speaks for Dorothy and most of the rest of us when she remarks, "The ache for home lives in all of us." This ache for home is about more than having a roof over your head. Home is about relationship, place, memory, nurture, safety and security.

Sadly for growing numbers in our contemporary culture Dorothy's words are not a description of a longing to return to home but rather of a longing just to have one. For all too many there is literally no place like home. Some are excluded from the experience of home, by homelessness or low pay, others can't put down the roots which nurture home because of short term leases and high rents and still more by losing their home through repossession.

This contemporary problem of social exclusion from the experience of home matters to people of faith and the Caledonian foundation aims to work with faith communities in addressing these problems.

My job as the faith based coordinator of the Foundation is basically to inform and inspire. I want to inform individuals and groups about these issues around "home" and how they intersect with the values of people of faith, particularly Christianity. I also want to Inspire people to support our work and get involved actively in what we do.

Specifically, I will do this by:

• Making presentations to churches and connected groups on Christianity's understanding of home, it's importance for our culture and the work of the Caledonian Foundation.

• Encouraging people to be part of our prayer support network.

• Encouraging people to volunteer to help the work of the Foundation.

• Encouraging individuals and churches to financially invest in the work of the Foundation.

• Inform interested groups about how the MEHO microeconomic model could work in their area or country.


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