Volunteers diggingThere are many ways in which you can help to get a MEHO project off the ground and we want to hear from anyone who wants to contribute towards this goal.

Volunteering is a fun and rewarding process especially when it is geared towards a specific aim and involves working with people. The Caledonian Foundation will provide these opportunities, offering volunteers the chance to get involved on the ground.

We also want to hear from people who think that they can help to spread the word about MEHO, by offering administrative support, getting involved in fundraising or helping to organise events.

Every minute and effort volunteered is significant and able to change lives. We’d like to hear from potential volunteers who would like to work in the following roles:

Participating in promotional activities to let other people know about the MEHO model.

Serving as a board member on new land trusts.

Assisting in running land trusts by giving your time and skills in areas such as accounting, administration, maintenance, the building trades and fund raising.

Getting to work to help us provide "green solutions" to renovate and improve our MEHO projects.

If you want to be a part of the MEHO revolution get in touch.

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