House in sky with handWhen it comes to making a contribution to the work of the Caledonian Foundation there is no amount that is too small.

There are a number of different ways in which you can make an investment through the work of the Caledonian Foundation

If you have family, relatives or friends that are MEHO tenants you can buy shares on their behalf. This method of ‘gifting’ shares is a unique and appealing aspect of the MEHO model and a great way to help out people you know.

If you are a philanthropist, or a company that wishes to play its part as a corporate citizen, there are many sound reasons for investing in a financial model as resilient as MEHO, alongside its ethical appeal.

Third sector organisations such as social enterprises or funding bodies and trusts can invest in MEHO to develop the quality of life and opportunities in their locality.

As community land trusts are set up these organisations will issue shares, and anyone will have the opportunity to purchase them. An annual return on investment will be determined by the board of each land trust.

In the meantime the best way that you can get MEHO working is to use this site to make a donation to fund our on-going work at the Caledonian Foundation.

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