Universities always have been, and always will be, places of inspiration and innovation. That is not to say that ideas cannot come from elsewhere, but simply that any place where vibrant, intelligent analytical people are brought together with the tools for research and the time for discussion will necessarily spark creativity and activity.

Although the basic MEHO concept was not created by the student body, the activity and publicity that makes it a reality can, and should, be. As students, we ought to represent the leaders of the future, leaders of business, politics, academics, charities and communities. In the current economic climate, many of us are more worried about how we will house and feed ourselves in the future, than how we can make the world a better place, but by supporting and promoting the Caledonian Foundation, you will be doing both.

The MEHO model will help to get the housing market moving and stimulate the economy. It will help compete with private landlords forcing them to improve their standards and meaning that the excessive rents will no longer be viable. This means that all people currently stuck in the ‘rent trap’ (where excessive rent costs prevent them from saving for a deposit on a house) will have a better chance of finding secure, affordable accommodation and being able to take ownership of that home for their own benefit rather than lining the coffers of private individuals.

By showing the government and corporate sectors that we can and will take effective action as student bodies, as individuals and as members of the community, we will help to show that power is not only held by the elite, but that every member of society should share in decision-making for the benefit of all.

The power and reach of student communities and digital media has been proved time and again, and if every student in Britain chose to vote with their wallet and moved away from private rent, we would have £4 billion to put to use to creating secure, affordable accommodation for students from all walks of life.

In terms of personal development, supporting the Caledonian Foundation offers you the chance to develop skills and experience relevant to your future career. Fund-raising, digital and on-the-ground campaigns, net-working, marketing, management, negotiation and providing front-line support services are activities that will not only benefit communities today, but will make you a more rounded and experienced job candidate.

We don’t want to sound like a careers advisor, but we need your help and honestly believe that by helping us, you will help to create a better future, for yourself, and for everyone.


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