The business and social sector have an important role to play in the provision of secure and affordable homes for the people that need it most. A home is more than a roof over our heads! It’s a place where we grow, develop, relax and spend time with our families and friends.

Many of our social problems are caused by insecurity in long-term accommodation. This insecurity is becoming severe, fuelled by financial stress in mortgages, high rents and job losses, which in turn cause stress in family relationships, leading to further social and economic challenges.

In 2012 42,322 households in Scotland were assessed as homeless and 22,000 children were living in temporary accommodation. These statistics clearly illustrate the need for sustainable and affordable housing for the people that need it most. Our target audience includes homeless people moving from supported accommodation to mainstream housing, families facing repossession, young people wanting to set up home, older people wishing to retain their home and independence, and others who want to establish a home for the first time.
Not only is there a moral responsibility to care for your employees, stakeholders and society but there are added benefits too. It’s self-evident that children and families living in secure homes are likely to lead happy, healthy and fulfilled lives.

By helping the foundation to create this long term solution to the housing shortage, you will be actively contributing to a society that is healthier, smarter and has benefits for all.

Ways you can help

Whether you are making a one-off donation, giving a gift in kind or looking for a long term charity partner, when you team up with us you can be sure you are making a big difference and contributing to the provision of affordable housing for all.
Partnerships are central to our success. As an independent charity we are seeking partnerships with other organisations, the Government and local authorities. The money we raise from the public allows us to invest in new properties and help people have a home.

Over the next few months’ we’ll be keeping you updated with tips, advice and stories of how to help us provide affordable housing solutions for the people that need it most. We will also be visiting towns and cities across Scotland to share our solutions and talk to you all. If you have any questions, or would like us to pay you a visit please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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